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Fruit /Vegetable Basket

Fruit /Vegetable Basket

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Material: Wicker, Cotton rope

XXL: About 28x27cm/11.02x10.62inch, with ring height 34cm/13.38inch


XL: About 26x25cm/10.23x9.84inch, with ring height 32cm/12.59inch

L: About 24x23cm/9.44x9.05inch, with ring height 30cm/11.81inch

M: About 19x18cm/7.48x7.08inch, with ring height 25cm/9.84inch

S: About 18x17cm/7.08x6.69inch, with ring height 24cm/9.44inch

XS: About 14x13cm/5.51x5.11inch, with ring height 20cm/7.87inch

Feature: Eco-Friendly


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